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  Nelson's Meats      Providing Quality Meat         Since 1965          505-836-3330           929 Old Coors Rd SW                 



You can expect high quality meats at even more affordable prices, along with our friendly and helpful personnel. Come on down and have a look!

                               Freezer Plans

A. Small Family Plan

25 Pounds $155.95
5lbs. Ground Beef
6lbs. Fryers
3lbs. Swiss Steak
5lbs. Rib Steak 
3lbs  Pork Steak
3lbs. Chuck Roast

B. Large Family Plan

50 Pounds $311.90
10lbs. Ground Beef
12lbs. Fryers
6lbs.   Swiss Steak
10lbs. Rib Steak
6lbs.   Pork Steak
6lbs.   Chuck Roast



C. Gourmet Plan

25 Pounds $157.95
5lbs.      Ground Beef
5lbs.      Round Steak
4lbs.      Sirloin Steak
1lb.        Stew Meat
2-1/2lbs. Pork Chops
2-1/2lbs. T. Bone Steaks
5lbs.       Chuck Roast

D. Gourmet Plan

50 Pounds $315.90
10lbs. Ground Beef
10lbs. Round Steak
8lbs.   Sirloin Steak 
2lbs.   Stew Meat
5lbs.   Pork Chops
5lbs.   T.Bone Steak
10lbs. Chuck Roast



E. Popular Plan                     F. Popular Plan


100 Pounds $479.90            100 Pounds $449.90


15lbs Ground Beef                  25 lbs. Ground Beef

15 lbs. BBQ Steaks                 10 lbs. BBQ Steaks

15 lbs. Fryers                          15lbs. Fryers

15lbs. Swiss Steaks                15lbs.Swiss Steak

10lbs. Rump Roast                  5lbs. Rump Roast   

10lbs. Pork Steaks                  10lbs. Pork Steaks

10lbs. Short Ribs                     10lbs. Short Ribs

5lbs. Pork Chops                     5lbs. Pork Chops

5lbs. Stew Meat                       5lbs. Stew Meat


  J. Small Family Plan 

25 Pounds $119.95

10lbs.     Ground Beef
6lbs.       Fryers
1-1/2lbs. Swiss Steak
2-1/2lbs. Rib Steak
2-1/2lbs. Pork Steak
2-1/2lbs. Chuck Roast
G. Large Family Plan

50 Pounds $239.90

20lbs. Ground Beef
12lbs. Fryers
3lbs.   Swiss Steak
5lbs.   Rib Steak
5lbs.   Pork Steak
5lbs.   Chuck Roast


H. Gourmet Plan

25 Pounds $125.95
10lbs.     Ground Beef
4lbs.       Round Steak
2lbs.       Sirloin Steak
2-1/2lbs. Chicken Breast
2-1/2lbs. Pork Chops
1-1/2lbs. T.Bone Steaks
2-1/2lbs. Chuck Roast

I. Gourmet Plan

50 Pounds $251.90
20lbs. Ground Beef
8lbs.   Round Steak
4lbs.   Sirloin Steak
5lbs.   Chicken Breast
5lbs.   Pork Chops
3lbs.   T.Bone Steaks
5lbs.   Chuck Roast


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Nelson's Meats offers fresh meat at low prices, along with specialty items that you will only find here. We offer hard-to-find, but easy to ENJOY, New Mexican staples that you will be sure to love!

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